The Cardinal Guilds Surveyor's Guide

Surveying Islands

Required: Compass and Altimeter

  1. Explore an island and record the following information:
    1. Altitude (use Altimeter)
    2. Respawners?
    3. Number of databanks
    4. Tree types
    5. Island Author (scan island terrain)
    6. Steam Workshop link
  2. Name the island! Make sure the name is easy and memorable.
  3. Take a screenshot of the island. An acceptable screenshot must meet the following critieria.
    1. Taken around midday with as little cloud cover as possible.
    2. Facing Northwards or shows the most striking features of the island.
    3. Without the UI. (press F4 to hide)
    4. Free of obstructions: e.g. the player model, ships, etc. (Press V to enter first-person mode)
    5. Able to be cropped into a circular area - usable for small thumbnails.
  4. Point your ship towards the next island you're surveying and get the heading from the compass.
  5. Fly to the next island and repeat!

NOTE: To increase surveying accuracy, please record headings to multiple islands for cross-checking.

Surveying Weather Walls

Required: Compass

  1. Fly to a weather wall as close as possible.
  2. Point your ship parallel to the wall and record the heading.
  3. Fly to the nearest weather wall corner.
  4. Point your ship towards the nearby islands and record their headings.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you have completed a full loop around the sector.